Thursday, September 12, 2013

Amnesia - a Machine for Pigs review

Image and video hosting by TinyPicAmnesia - a Machine for Pigs, unfortunately and ultimately, is a disappointment if you are harsh, or, if you are very very generous, then at the least a relative disappointment. As I will attempt to solidify my claim, saved for a great story, the game is a vastly inferior experience to its polished predecessor Amnesia - the Dark Descent in almost all aspects, and as mentioned, it's merely the textual narrative that I personally find at least that IF not more interesting than that of the Lovecraft Lovetter story backdrop of the first Amnesia game. (If someone says "ImPOSSible Geometry!" - then you know that the joke is on Cthulhu.)

Amnesia - a Machine for Pigs, while ambitious in its scope of portraying the layered ordeals of a (highly.) radical industrialist who is intent to cleanse the scenery of all humans Mayan style, if you are looking to immerse yourself into the obscene amount of gore and creative methodologies of digital death intricacies the mere premise promises - the developer urged citizens of the Earth to send in WAV files of death growls and torture sounds, you could imagine the terrified "anticipation" - then you are in for a rude - awakening?
NOT really. Read more, or don't.

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